22. It’s All Down Hill From Here

October 7th is a big day every year for myself. Yes, it is the day back in 1990 when Vanilla Ice was belting out the hits, Dances With the Wolves won Best Picture and Joe Montana was winning Super Bowls. A little bit of elementary math will teach you that today I turned 22. Almost anyone older would love to be this age, but just a year back was the birthday everyone in this country looks forward to. Therefore, the lead up to today was minuscule compared to last year. Tickets to Game One of the Tigers series with Oakland Athletics helped a ton (props to my dad on that one). Then having some of the best buds a guy could ask for turned the night around.

The game started at 6 pm on Saturday and I was heading there with my brother around 5. Naturally, we stopped by the best Tigers pregame bar in town, The Park Bar, for a couple of brews. The game started and we were getting rowdy and fighting the cold breeze. By the 5th inning we were downright freezing, but it wouldn’t deter us from having a great time. When the Tigs closed it out, we went wild and took the quick trip home. From there I hauled ass back to the greatest town in the states, East Lansing.

I was waiting for a couple drinks and then head to an establishment every Spartan knows and loves (whether they are willing to admit it or not), Ricks American Cafe. I had expected the roommates and couple others to be hanging out, nothing special. It’s the 22nd birthday, nothing happens for it! The 22nd birthday is the beginning of the end and nobody looks forward to it. Not with these friends though, they turned into as good as a night could be.

Walking into your house with about 20 plus people crammed in your tiny living room ready to jump out is just the sort of the thing that will get your mind in party mode. We proceeded on to Rick’s and let the good times roll. Although the night didn’t have the “21 feel”, it didn’t stop us from showing the Rick’s crowd how it’s done. The combination of good friends, pretty girls, and free drinks can do wonders for a man.

Looking back it was a day full of pizza, beer and whole ton of facebook notifications. The first two are a recipe for success and the recipe was executed perfectly. For all those young’ns who are still fearful that the 22nd will be depressing, awful and nothing that you want it to be. Don’t worry, it may take teeny bit more effort but you can still have a rocking time when it’s the beginning of the end.


Getting a Little Presidential

First off, I am not voicing my opinion on which candidate I prefer. This is a non-biased, reactionary post and I don’t mean to offend anyone. On Wednesday was our first Presidential debate of the 2012 election. As one of the few seniors who could vote in the 2008 election, the second time around is vastly different. Number one, I’m more educated and not just happy to be able to cast a vote. Last time around I voted who my parents voted for because they subconsciously swayed my vote. Just from talks at the dinner table, casual mocking of the other party and yelling at the TV when the news is on. This time around I can confidently say that I am my own voter and ready to make a difference.

My initial take from the debate (granted I missed the first 40 minutes… damn you delicious half-off Dublin!) was that Romney mopped the floor with Obama. After looking into it a little bit, I agree that Romney was the clear cut winner. Articles, like this one, arose about Romney’s lack of correct facts during the debate. This brought down, in my eyes, Romney’s victory but is no excuse for Obama. Did anyone catch the opening skit on Saturday Night Live this week? It was simply a perfect way to poke fun at Obama’s dreadfulness. Here is the link to the skit in case you have yet to see it.

There is still the Vice Presidential debate (October 11th) and two more Presidential debates (October 16th and 22nd). Will that sway the “3%” of undecided voters? Is the 3% actually closer to 8%? This is shaping up to be a closer election than initially thought. As a more educated voter, it has caught my attention. Has your attention been caught too?

When Crying is Allowed: Top Five Scenes

Don’t judge too fast fellas, I know what you thought of as soon as you read the title. “Under no circumstance is it acceptable for a man to tear up during a movie.” False! We all know Romantic Comedies are the classic “tear-jerkers” for women. The men of society will not be caught dead with a tear rolling down our rugged cheek bones to Ms. Zellweger claiming that “you had me at hello.” On the contrary, scenes like these will cause a certain salty discharge to drop from our eye lids…

5. Monsters Inc. – Goodbye Scene

4. Forrest Gump – Grave Scene (1:40 minute mark until end)

3. My Dog Skip, Homeward Bound, Marley and Me, Air Bud… you get the point.

2. Remember the Titans – Hospital Bed Scene

1. Lion King – Death of Mufasa Scene (1:45 minute mark until end)